Local Market Beer Dinner on 10/11/2019 @ 7:00pm

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Local Market Beer Dinner $50 plus $5 fee$55.00


October 11 from 7pm – 9pm
Local Market: 950 Gulf Shore Dr, Destin, FL 32541
Enjoy a multi-course and multi-beer dinner at Local Market in Destin, FL with the Micro Bros team (Micro Bros will be filming, but be casual). Featuring Chef Matt and SweetWater. If you’re in the know, Local Market is usually only open for breakfast and lunch, so you know chef is going to pull out something truly unique. Come learn about beer and food, as SweetWater will be at the event to discuss some of their newest brews!

ONLY 40 SEATS AVAIL / Save $10 off Kickstarter

DISCLAIMER: Kickstarter will not allow us to say beer will be involved on Kickstarter… Come prepared to eat and drink A LOT of different food and beer. Given the specific nature of each item (we will be consuming multiple meats, carbs and gluten-filled items) we are unable to meet specific dietary restrictions.